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Three Little Ships is an International Pre-School Group part of:
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The Pre-school “Three Little Ships” was founded in the summer of 2006 by the Stichting Lighthouse Special Education GO TO THE WEBSITE at their premises on Amalia van Solmsstraat 155 in the Bezuidenhout quarter of The Hague, near the Haagsche Schoolvereeniging (HSV) International Department GO TO THE WEBSITE on the Koningin Sophiestraat.

The non-profit organization Lighthouse Special Education provides special education in English to children with special needs within a mainstream setting, as well as pre-school education in English.

The need for a structured pre-school group was established in discussion with the HSV, because they are only able to accept children into the International Department in the September after they become 4 years old. This means that many 4 year olds are not yet able to attend school, even though they are school-ready. “Three Little Ships” is able to meet their need.


Three Little Ships aims to accomodate children, with and without special needs, from the international expatriate community, so that they all can develop in an optimal way. To achieve this, "Three Little Ships" offers a structured curriculum with the emphasis placed on socio-emotional safety, individual development, social competence and the transfer of norms and values.

The foundation of the pre-school is based upon the vision that integration of children with special needs with typically developping peers is important ot achieve the best personal development of both groups of children.


The promotional film about Lighthouse Special Education, created by Mrs. Leslie Collingridge, is now available to watch and download:

About us

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